Do You Love Christian Rock & Metal? Check out 3 Nail Life

Do You Love Christian Rock & Metal? Check out 3 Nail Life

As our motto at JesusWired states “We cover the uncovered” & North Carolina’s Christian Rock & Metal band 3 Nail Life is one of those indie rock bands that needs some coverage. Check out the lyric video for their song Scars above.

The group recently took the stage with Death Therapy at the Upper Room in Statesville, NC. This was an exciting moment for the band. You can find out more about the show and connect with them on 3 Nail Life’s Facebook page.

If you are a Christian Metal fan be sure to catch one of their shows. In addition to performing with groups including The Persuaded and Strength Betrayed at the Upper Room, 3 Nail Life has also performed at events such as the Breaking the Chains of Silence Youth Empowerment Event alongside Christian artists including GFM & Chaotic Resemblance.

The band also strives to be a voice for the voiceless. Band member Chris Blevins has a single out that expresses their passion – Unborn Lullaby. Watch the video below or you can purchase the single here.

With the entire country at odds,over the abortion issue, this song gives a voice to the voiceless. What would the unborn say? I wrote this song for a specific purpose. To be that voice. Please listen carefully and consider the innocent voice pleading from inside the womb. If you are moved to do so, please share so that everyone in this country can hear the voice that nobody seems to talk about. It’s always about the woman’s voice and choice. But never the child’s! They are alive! They think! They hear the talks of the coming abortion! This may very well be what they would say!

Posted by Chris Blevins on Monday, May 27, 2019
3 Nail Life