Lacey Sturm: Reflect Love Back

Lacey Sturm isn’t your average hard rocker.

With a successful career as the vocalist of the world-renowned rock band, Flyleaf, she made her mark in the rock scene and helped millions through her music.

She has been called the “Queen of Rock” and made history as the first solo woman to top the hard rock albums chart on Billboard.

With all of this success, you would probably think they are too busy rocking out to add any more projects but no, Lacey is the author of 3 books, the lead vocalist and visionary of her latest venture, “Reflect Love Back” which she started with her husband Josh.

Reflect Love Back is a 12-week video series in which Lacey and Josh Sturm along with guests walk you through biblical principles and challenge you to start and end your day with scripture-based bible studies and scripture videos.

While Lacey and Josh have their multiple music and ministry ventures, they always put their family first.

The Sturm family consists of Lacey, Josh, Joshua Lewis, Arrow, and 14-month-old Atticus.

Family is the top priority in this family’s household and it’s obvious.

So whether they are touring, raising their children, homeschooling, writing books, recording music or creating videos, the Sturms are always pouring into others.

Reflect Love Back is their way of helping you create healthy habits of starting and ending your day with scripture and even bringing in special guests for interviews.

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