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Mental Illness is definitely a taboo topic still in the church.  There’s still one topic that desperately needs more discussion despite its tendency to be uncomfortable.  That topic would be pornography addiction.

This is not something we can just ignore.  There are people around you suffering because they are too ashamed to speak up.  They will continue to suffer in silence unless you do something.

Pornography addiction is not something only men have trouble with.  Many woman struggle too.  People younger than you think struggle with it.  Teens and children can become addicted as well when they find it.  There are people in your church addicted to pornography. 

Pornography is not just visual.  Writings can also be pornography when they are purely meant to convey sexual scenes and pleasure the reader.  Fanfiction writings are when a fan of a movie, TV, anime, or other characters takes those same characters and writes their own story for them.  Many fanfictions out there are purely pornographic in nature and purpose, and this is one place in particular young people can find pornography that is not the typical visual type most are familiar with.

Pornography is very damaging to society.  The themes are very unrealistic to reality.  Things such as rape and abuse are portrayed as not only something appropriate, but also as something pleasurable.  Did you hear me?  Rape is portrayed as good and pleasurable in porn.  Abuse is being instilled as something that is acceptable through pornography.  Themes of rape and abuse are very popular.

Pornography fuels sex trafficking.  Sex trafficking victims are featured unwillingly in pornography.  These victims are plastered all over sites such as Pornhub.  The demand for porn is high.  The demand for porn featuring rape is high.  That means the fuel for sex trafficking remains. 

Pornography ruins your brain.  When you partake in it, you are wiring your brain to find pleasure in a fantasy world.  It will become difficult to find pleasure in the real world because you have trained yourself to find pleasure in what is FAKE.  It will ruin your relationships. 

You will find yourself exploring topics and situations you never thought you would.  The way addiction works is that that same amount that got you started won’t suffice long term.  More is required.  Over and over more and more is required to satisfy the hunger.  To attain the same pleasure many times over one must constantly push the envelope and seek out new and different things.  This is how one finds themselves exploring themes and scenarios they perhaps never thought they would at the start.

The amount of hours people spend on the popular site Pornhub per year are in the BILLIONS.  Did you hear me?  BILLIONS OF HOURS SPENT WATCHING PORNOGRAPHY EVERY YEAR.  So much time lost to pornography.

You don’t believe me?  Go research it for yourself.  Fight The New Drug backs up everything they say up with scientific studies.  They have a website full of real data and articles to support this.  Check them out, give them a like or a follow, and join the fight against pornography today.                                 

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