Seventh Day Slumber has got another great tour up their sleeves ready for this Spring. The Variety Tour is booking right now and also includes Stars Go Dim and Steve Malcolm to round out a do not miss lineup. The following can be found on the tour’s Facebook page:

“Every year, churches all over the nation load their youth groups up in vans or buses and trek to the nearest Winter Jam, praying that each teenager will connect with just one band on that tour and hear the love of God through the lyrics. They also want their youth to have a good time and understand that God isn’t boring, and church doesn’t have to be either!

Every year those same churches think to themselves, “Wow. I wish our community could have something like this,” but unfortunately, most small-town churches can’t afford the price tag of a Winter Jam or big conference style tour.

Our solution? The Variety Tour

No longer are people’s playlists just one genre. Everyone is listening to a variety of music these days, so why not bring them a little bit of everything? We bring Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Worship, and an incredible speaker that knows how to speak into people’s lives on a very real level. There are people dealing with depression, anxiety, and suicide in your community right now. They might not be interested in going to a new church for Sunday morning service, but a fun concert is much less intimidating for them. Once they’re enjoying the concert, their walls come down, and Jesus meets them in the middle of their painful circumstances. We’ve seen it happen all over the country, and we’re excited and passionate about what God is doing! With this concert, you could be a part of reaching hundreds of hurting people in YOUR community.”

You can contact for more information about bringing this tour to your town.

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