New Release Day Video Roundup - 10/18/19

Weekly YouTube Roundup – 10/12/19-10/18/19

We’ve decided to extend our “New Release Day Video Roundups” to whole weekly video roundups. So here’s our roundup of all the ‘most interesting’ new videos/audios from YouTube last week.

Music Videos

New music videos from Brad + Rebekah, Spencer Kane/brook(e), Sarah Reeves, Junior Garr, Travis Greene, Anthem Lights, Out of the Dust, Dee-1/PJ Morton, Caleb & Kelsey, HeeSun Lee, Danny Gokey, Free Daps, Derek Minor/Popaganda/John Givez, Jamie Grace.

Lyric Videos

New lyric videos from Tenielle Neda, Cristabelle Braden, Will Tunink/Stackmaster, Mark Tedder.


New audios from Rawsrvnt, Matthew West, Canon/nobigdyl./Steven Malcolm, Elizabeth Grace, We Are Leo, Lifepoint Worship, Switch, Pettidee (more on his channel), Mission (more on his channel), Phil Wickham (more on his channel).

Other Videos

Other videos from KB/Native Supply Clothing, KB, Big Fil, Matt Hammitt, Canon/nobigdyl./Steven Malcolm, for KING & COUNTRY, Zach Williams, I Am Spartacus, GFM, How Ridiculous.