JUMEE Tried To Run From God, "But God... I'm A Hot Mess!"

JUMEE Tried To Run From God, “But God… I’m A Hot Mess!”

“…But God, I’m a hot mess!”

Can you be a Christian whilst battling depression?

This is a question JUMEE has been trying to answer for years. Knowing God but not knowing himself, is this possible? Can you really know God if you battle with anxiety?
“People don’t see it because I’m upbeat a lot of the time, but when I’m by myself, the low points can hit really hard…”

Described by most as the life and soul of the party, JUMEE describes himself as an extroverted introvert. “People often see us as this ‘big confident character’ because some of us can do things that most people can’t; such as making music and performing onstage, but our self-image can be really low.”

“In secondary school, one of my youth leaders would always tell me that ‘you are wonderfully and fearfully made’ (Psalms 139:14) but I never knew what it meant” JUMEE recounts, “I didn’t have a revelation of what it meant. Now I know that it means that God took His sweet time in making you. He made everything about me, including my ‘flaws’!” JUMEE recounts, “God kept asking me to sing for Him, but I kept saying… ‘But God, I’m a hot mess!’”

JUMEE now believes and knows that He has been selected NOT for his perfections but for his imperfections. “God isn’t interested in what makes us perfect… HE makes us perfect! He is interested in the selection of imperfections that makes us, us; and these imperfections steer our life’s purpose.”

JUMEE is now a Christian R&B/Trapsoul Singer and Dancer from the depths of Southeast London with a sound unique to the Christian community; merging modern New Age R&B, Soul, Pop and cultural elements of Afrobeats, Reggaeton and The Word. You’ve probably seen him around in a film or advert or two, or seen him before ‘getting his life’ onstage. His new song, ‘FALSETTO’ helped him to get through some of the hardships he experienced in his mind.

Falsetto, the latest song from JUMEE, which is based on Colossians 3:2 states that you should ‘keep your mind on heavenly things above and not on earthly things’, helped JUMEE to relax and focus his mind. The sound can be described as ambient trap music with soulful vocals that creates a mood and vibe that takes listeners to another place.

Artist: JUMEE
Song Title: Falsetto
Song Release date: October 9th 2019
Company/Label: UMD International

Writer: JUMEE
Produced by: Ziisual
All vocals performed by: JUMEE
Sond Engineering by: JUMEE
Mastering by: JUMEE at UMD International Studios

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SOURCE: UMD International