Exclusive: YB - Behind the Song Only One (Fire & Desire)

Exclusive: YB – Behind the Song Only One (Fire & Desire)

We’ve teamed up with YB to give you an exclusive look behind his brand new album Fire & Desire. Twice a week over the next 5 weeks we’ll be sharing an exclusive look behind each of the eleven tracks on the album. We pray this series will help you dive deeper into each track on Fire & Desire and it’ll fuel the fire inside you to desire the Lord more everyday.

YB wants to live every moment as though it’s his ‘only one’ and make sure he doesn’t miss any of what God is doing in his life. Watch YB take you behind his second favorite song on the album…

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YB’s Fire & Desire released October 9th. Get it now!

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About YB
Originally from Pine Bluff, Arkansas YB has spent most of his life on the road. With a challenging upbringing as one of 8 children in a single mother home, he found the presence of God at a young age but walked away from Christ until he rededicated his life in college.