CVJM Loud and Proud Festival is quickly approaching on the weekend of October 18th and 19th, aka the next two days! A fantastic line up of positive bands that bring a message of hope will be descending on Betzdorf, Germany. Headliners are Lacey Sturm and Memphis May Fire with support from War of Ages, Ashes Remain, Children 18:3, Spoken, Normal Ist Anders, Gold Frankincense and Myrrh, The Protest, Convictions, Remedy Drive, Fight the Fade, Chaotic Resemblance, All Above Me, Unbagged, and From Shadows to Light.

In spite of some personal and medical issues that caused a couple of bands to drop from the original line up, Loud and Proud is providing a solid group of artists for two days of inspiring, and hard rocking metal for all of Europe.

Check out the festival on Facebook or by visiting their official website below.

Some tickets are still available on the door.

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Stadthalle in Betzdorf
The Stadthalle in Betzdorf
Fight The Fade finishing their sound check just now
Fight The Fade finishing their sound check just now

This article was written by Cindy “Mothership” Blankenship and she’ll be the one responsible for the odd picture/video from the festival on our Instagram. 

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