Last Chance To Back Manafest's New Album This Is Not The End

Last Chance To Back Manafest’s This Is Not The End Album

Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock and have missed that Manafest’s new album This Is Not The End is just over the horizon….or here already if you’re a backer of it! All backers of This Is Not The End got the new album yesterday, ahead of its official release in December. So if you don’t want to wait until December to hear this rocking new album from Manafest, back it by ordering one of the pre-order packages now! There are only 2.5 days left!

Some information can be found below. Visit for all the information and to back This Is Not The End.

Manafest explains why he’s making this album..


My new album, “This Is Not The End” has a triple-decker meaning. The 1st is that I’m not even close to done creating more songs for you to listen too. The 2nd: The battle that you may be fighting right now is not going to take you out but make you stronger. The best is yet to come as long as you don’t give up my friend. If you can look up, then you can get up, so keep fighting! And of course 3rd, I 1000% believe there is life after death. Yes, I look forward to heaven, but while I’ve still got breath in me, I’m going to keep preaching Christ’s message of love and being a Fighter around the globe! Which of course leads me to why I’m making this album. We live in some dark times, and I want to use my platform to shine the love of Jesus and bring hope. We are info overloaded and truth starved generation. Music allows me to open up conversations and talk about issues that are currently going on in our society. Will join me helping me spread this music and message?!

Official Track Listing is HERE! 6 days left ? ???

Posted by Manafest on Thursday, October 10, 2019

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