Land and Salt release new Lyric Video - Put On Love

Land and Salt release new Lyric Video – Put On Love

Based on Colossians 3:13-14, ‘Put On Love’ speaks of forgiveness between brothers and sisters in Christ. Forgiveness that forces us to beg the Father for grace because we cannot do it alone. Unforgiveness can poison the ground we walk on and destroys lives. So, we are called to be different – not to rely on our own emotions but to seek God’s word over our own feelings. Our communities will burst with joy and heave a sigh of relief when we begin to forgive each other as Christ has forgiven us. Taken from the recent EP – Salve – with the collaboration of violinist Robyn Welsby, whose layered strings steep the song in harmony and warmth.

The video we have created around this song shows not only the power of creativity in unity, but the task of putting others first and standing vulnerable before God, trusting in His plan for our restoration. With the time of remembrance approaching we bring to mind the sacrifice that began on the cross for all and the love of bearing with one another in all things for the sake of mankind.

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