Tee-Wyla & Datin "Revolt"

Datin plays no games with his pen game on Tee-Wyla produced “REVOLT”

In this game of sub-par bars, playing politics and a whole bunch of other foolishness, sometimes you have to say it how you see it. Producer extraordinaire Tee-Wyla links up with super emcee Datin, to rage against the machine and break it for good.

Tee-Wyla’s production sounds like Thanos doing the A-Town stomp at an outdoor church service. The sense of rising angst and adrenaline combines to create a combustible concoction of screwface loveliness. Datin plays no games and takes no prisoners with his pen game. He sounds upset and to be honest, we feel him. Without saying names but carefully aiming at whosoever will, Datin attacks the track and rips it to pieces like “body parts in a shark’s grip”. Whoever upset this man needs to either wave the white flag or apologize. Being slow to anger does not apply here and rightfully so.

The revolt starts now, and you need to get down or get out of the way.

Revolt is out now on Illect Recordings and available on all digital outlets.

Visit Bandcamp for a free download of Revolt.

Source: SOHH PR

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