New Releases 9/27/19


Day One – Beautiful Mystery

11th Hour – A Lot With A Little

Sean Curran – All of Us (All Praise) [Live]

Aaron Harris and Genesis – Purify Me

Keyondra Lockett – The Heal Reloaded: The Journey Continues

Strength Betrayed – War-Torn


Zayde Wølf & Neoni – Oblivion

Quinten Coblentz – From The Roof Remix ft. YB & Jackie Legere

Dillon Chase – Paradise

Megawatts – Life Jacket ft. Eshon Burgundy

Beacon Light – Get By

I Am Spartacus – The Savior Is Calling

VERSES – Letting Go (Reimagined)

Hannah Schaefer – Safe House

Matthew West – What If

ApolloLTD – DNA (Acoustic)

Thi’sl – War Torn ft. Fiend (24th)

Mission – Made It Safe ft. Aaron Cole (24th)

Colony House – Looking for Some Light

Derek Minor – Revenge

Chris McClarney – Valley

Chrystal Rucker – Take your Burdens

San Franklin – Blessing Me ft. Chrystal Rucker

Tina Boonstra – Heart, Teeth, Hands

Cochren and Co. – One Day / Heart and Soul

Seth & Nirva Ready – Turning Over Tables ft. Michael Tait

Diamonds To Dust – Diamond Pierced Eyes

Wyld – All That Much ft. Lion of Judah