In a recent youtube video, Chelsea and Nick Hurst opened up about attending marriage counseling and growing in their young marriage.

Nick and Chelsea aren’t your average young newlyweds. They are the faces behind  “The Hurst Family” on youtube and the voices of “Encounter Now Podcast”.

Nick and Chelsea live in Atlanta, Georgia with their 7 month old Golden Retriever, Wally who you can also follow on instagram, @mrwallyhurst.

I had the chance to talk with Nick and Chelsea this week and here’s what they had to say-

“We have friends that deal with this, and we have friends that have died from suicide because they didn’t get the help they desperately needed in time. BetterHelp is a solution for everyone because the crippling effect of depression lies in its ability to shut you away from the outside world. BetterHelp is literally in your house with you. It’s been a game changer in our marriage and it’s also very beneficial to our health- mental and physical.”

Most young couples try to keep an instagram perfect relationship visible on the surface and deal with their struggles privately, but Nick and Chelsea Hurst are taking a different approach and talking about using the “BetterHelp” service to help grow and strengthen them in their relationship.

BetterHelp is an app designed to bring counseling and therapy on demand for mental health, marriage counseling and more. While the app isn’t a primarily “faith-based” app, they do offer a wide range of services including Christian Counseling from real faith-based counselors.

Great job on Nick and Chelsea for opening up about their faith, relationship and hardships and using their platforms to encourage and build others.

You can find them on all social platforms and listen to “Encounter Now” on all major streaming platforms.

Chelsea also has a new book, Above All Else, which will be available everywhere on October 8th.

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We’re just one happy family ♥️

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2 months of growing like a ?

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