Rend Co. Kids recently released an animated music video for King of Me from their new album Sparkle. Pop. Rampage. The album is Rend Collective’s latest project and is meant to encourage families to praise and worship together. You can watch the video above.

Check out the story behind Sparkle. Pop. Rampage. and watch the music video for Jericho Song HERE.

Lyrics: King of Me

My God’s the king of the giants
My God’s the king of the lions
My God’s the king of the creatures of the deep
My God’s the king of me

Have you heard the story about my friend King Dave
Wouldn’t let the giant stand in his way
He said hand me my sling cos he’s not that tall
My God is bigger, and I’ll watch him fall

Have you heard the one about this guy called Dan
Yes, he was a mighty holy praying man
They said throw him to the den of the scary beasts
But God saved our hero from the lion’s teeth

This is more than history
He will do the same for me
Like Jonah and the whale at sea
When I’m lost and afraid all alone in the dark
You’re with me
Oh, You’re with me

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