Skrip Drops Cheque Single & Video

Skrip Drops Cheque Single & Video

On Friday Skrip dropped his new Cheque single and music video.

Thanks so much for the love, streams and shares about my new song, Cheque. It’s wild. Watch God blow his breath on it! Here’s an off YouTube version of the video shot real fast in Texas last week. Watch the full wide version on my YT channel. I love the freedom of being an independent artist-playing by my own rules and creating and releasing at will. Real talk though in order for the music to get out though, it needs major money. That’s how every artist you know, you know right now-very little skill but lots of money. The thing about God though he supplies like crazy-I just don’t want to pay for sponsored ads, so share this video with friends. ??? Also tag someone who can be my manager this is becoming too big for me.

Posted by Skrip on Monday, September 9, 2019

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