Rook's I Am Free EP Out Now

Hip-Hop Artist Rook’s I Am Free EP Out Now

Hip-Hop artist Rook is far from a rookie, in fact he’s a breath of fresh air in today’s crowded field of rap music. His EP I Am Free dropped on April 20th and it will not disappoint.

Kicking off the EP is the track “Freedom.” It comes in with a super catchy beat. It’s friendly sounding and the piano is so warm. Then BLAM, the verse drops in and Rook flows like butter over it. The song feels personal to him, yet relatable to the average listener. He also infuses his faith with every lyric. Overall, it’s such a fun track that has an old-school vibe with modern vocals.

The next track “He Saved Me” opens up with some funk and light piano. “Jesus saved me” is sang over and over until Rook kicks in the narrative. He waxes nostalgically back at his past life but never wavers that he is in a better place with God now. He looks back at his old crew and prays the blood of Jesus over them and their families. Again, musically, the jazz takes over at the end.

“So Blessed” opens up with a classic sample. The way he ad-libs the intro in addition to the music is reminiscent of classic Kanye. The song is pretty self-explanatory. Rook raps about how “Jesus broke the chains” of his life and now he can look around and see how blessed he is. The chorus of the song is anthemic for Christians and sure to a rallying cry of sorts.

“We Proclaim Jesus” has the most modern sounding beat but still fits in the mold of the previous tracks. Rook’s flow is unique on the track as he switches the style up a little bit from the rest of the EP. He exudes emotion through every word pronounced. You can really feel him proclaiming “Jesus Christ every day and every night.” This makes for a powerful song that digs deep.

“Unconditional Love” has a 90s R&B feel to it complete with a stellar sang hook. This song feels timeless in the sense that it could be a hit anytime during the last 20 years. Rook raps about how the Lord has taught him to appreciate women as a Christian man. His women hungry days are over as he waits for God’s best to enter his life so he can have “unconditional love.” These days, his expectations of a relationship are shaped by God.

Overall this EP has a little something for everyone. I Am Free is a fitting name for Rook as you can hear the freedom and joy in his music. You can tell that God did a work in him that he is unashamed to rejoice in. His verses are poignant, the music is chill and catchy, and the message is powerful. If this is just the start for Rook, stick around, because he’s bound to get even better.

Unconditional Love track listing:

  • Freedom. He Saved Me. So Blessed. We Proclaim Jesus. Unconditional Love. Holy Water.

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