“Let’s go and sing about Jesus” – Dolly Parton

Watch the full story of how Dolly Parton joined for KING & COUNTRY to sing on ‘God Only Knows’. This is the behind-the-scenes documentary of their collaboration with the queen of Country. From the first phone call, to being in the studio with Dolly, to shooting an audacious music video- watch the full interview between Dolly, Joel, and Luke on the importance of this song for today!

How adorable are they all in this video? Especially Joel. You can really see how much this God led collaboration meant to him.

If you ever need to share your story to get it off your chest and to ask someone to pray for you, our inboxes are always open. If you need to speak to a professional, here’s the numbers to call…
America’s suicide prevention hotline – 1-800-273-8255
England’s – 116 123

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