Riley Clemmons Releases New Free Single

Riley Clemmons Releases New Free Single

Fear and insecurity, they were never meant for me,
I’m enough in Your love, I am free in Your love

Riley Clemmons has released her new Free single today. Well it’s not free per se, well it is in that it’s called Free but it’s not free free, you’d need to pay to get Free, unless you’re one of those streamers that exist nowadays in which case you could technically listen to it for free, or listen to Free free via the lyric video below, but we’d encourage you to buy free as Free may free you from your prison, whatever that prison may look like for you.

Phew that was confusing. And fun to write (I’m a professional!).

Basically, Riley’s new song entitled Free is great. You should buy it…or stream the heck out of it…and tell all your friends about it.

Also check out the lyric video below and be sure to pray for Riley that she doesn’t get sick with all that spinning round she’s doing.

Get Free

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