Step Into the World of Eden with Skillet's Debut Graphic Novel - Skillet's EDEN Poised to be Z2 Comics Best Selling Book of All Time

Step Into the World of Eden with Skillet’s Debut Graphic Novel

John Cooper has a lot of history with comic books.  He speaks on it in the introductory portion of the Eden graphic novel.  It is quite evident that this lifelong passion and relationship has manifested a top quality story in comic form of its own.  The words and images of Eden work in unison to express a story that perfectly coincides with the message of Skillet in a world you will want to return to over and over again. 

Comics are both words and images.  Both should then have important roles in telling the story.  Eden keeps a very good balance of words and images.  The writing is engaging and gripping, but not a single page gets overly bogged down in heavy dialogue.  The beautiful artwork is quite present and strong enough to carry the story and convey what is going on.  The pages and plot flow flawlessly with every turn. 

What a meaningful story full of light that this graphic novel pierces into the world often saturated in dark.  Full of depth, the story twists and turns in ways unexpected and still finds a way to end in a perfectly hopeful way. 

Familiarity with the music of Skillet is absolutely not required to be a fan of this graphic novel.  The only thing needed is to be a fan of a good read in a world that will captivate you.  This book certainly won’t leave your hands until it is finished, that is for sure. 

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