Rey Styles’ EP “Truly an MC” released on May 25th this year. It includes 3 hip hop tracks written by himself and produced by JVM Productions, Style Records and Ron’Don. This is his second project, aside from the singles he has released right after his first mixtape; Confessions in 2016. All of his music can be found on YouTube, Spotify and on his website:

Truly an MC is an expressive claim of not just being simply dope like most artists with no skill to back it up; but a claim to excellence. A claim that what Rey Styles does is definitely a gift and that his abilities are from above. As the scriptures say, “Study to show yourself approved”, so Rey uses that as a reminder to work hard at a talent so it can be its very best. Letting the light shine. The first track on the EP; “The Chase,” also happens to be his first music video released the same day as the EP and can be found on his YouTube as well.

Truly an MC track listing:

  • 1. The Chase
  • 2. Truly an MC
  • 3. Dynamite

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SOURCE: Style Records

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