Silversyde to Release Rockfest Records Debut In The Dark July 26th - SILVERSYDE Shine A Light In The Dark On Debut Album

SILVERSYDE Shine A Light In The Dark On New Album

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The door has been opened. Light has destroyed all darkness. After an agonizing wait, we finally have SILVERSYDE’s Rockfest Records debut titled In The Dark. It’s been a long wait desiring to hear more from them. Our patience has been graciously rewarded. This is where the story begins.

Immediately reaching for more as the title track starts us off, the pace never shows even a hint of slowing down. Instead it carries on into the next track, “Façade.” Speaking about how God sees through us no matter what front we put up and no matter how much we try to hide. Laura’s voice breaks through barriers and shatters walls, yet she also comforts and soothes those seeking relief.

Unafraid to take on difficult topics of pain on this album, Silversyde continues to provide words to our suffering with tracks such as “Scars” and “Sleepwalking.” Drowning demons in blistering guitars and pounding drums. Familiar feelings of emptiness speak out for us when we have run out of words and tears in “Undone.” Crying out to God who fills the empty holes inside us all.

Taking time to pay tribute to the stealer of hearts, they lay down a beautiful song full of wisdom and overflowing with love.

Picking up the pace enough for “Wait for You” to pass over us like rushing waters, we close our eyes and allow it to flow about us as we are carried to the end of this venture. Strength is not lost as we enter the last songs of In The Dark. Hope is heralded as loud as ever and never once muted by scars picked up along the way. “March of the Saints” begins to play, and our feet find the energy in this power packed song to continue on our way. The album ends with fire. Quite appropriate since our hearts have certainly been set ablaze by this fine piece of work.

Silversyde gave it their all in return for our waiting. Our longing has been richly rewarded with hearts poured into another Rockfest Records masterpiece.

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