We Are Leo Releases New Single Your Voice

We Are Leo Releases New Single Your Voice

Chicago-area pop group, We Are Leo, released their brand new single “Your Voice” (DREAM Records) last Friday.  Lyrically, the song is about discovering Jesus as the Good Shepherd, (John 10) how He knows his sheep by name, and how He came leads us to abundant life.   The track’s production is chill, moody, beautiful and persistent… Drake meets LANY.  This musical offering is the first in a series of singles that the group plans to release this year.

“Over the last two years, I’ve come thru a season of struggle with doubt and fear, into a season of clarity and joy, where I’ve seen some pretty big victories.  One thing I’m stoked about is my daily rhythms, one of which has been reading the Bible and taking time to allow the words of Jesus to renew my mind.  Cue John Chapter 10.  For me, this teaching sparked a journey of re-learning about Jesus as my Good Shepherd.  As the idea moved my head to my heart it has caused me to experience breakthroughs in my thinking and feeling as I’ve come realize just how good He is.   We all get hit with doubts, lies, and fears, but Jesus calls out the “wolves” and “thieves” that come to steal and kill and destroy and reminds us that He came that we might have life.   Making music about this means so much to me.  I hope my journey will inspire you that you can be victorious on your journey.  We have a Good Shepherd.” – David Duffield, We Are Leo

Give “Your Voice” a listen below:

Source: DREAM Label Group

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