How Ridiculous Have A New Toy and it's BIG

How Ridiculous Have A New Toy And It’s BIG

How Ridiculous have a new toy to play with and it’s big, like properly big. You could almost say it’s mega. If the old giant dart was good, the mega giant dart is gooder than good. What a revelation! (If you got that, we love you!)

Anyways, we don’t need to big this up any more. Let’s be honest, if you saw that picture and video title and didn’t want to immediately watch it, no amount of ‘bigging up’ is going to change your mind. (You may also be broken so maybe visit a doctor soon to fix yourself?!).

So here’s the new mega giant dart destroying things. It’s beautiful and they’re going to need a bigger tower soon!

Lastly, if they don’t call it Penny because it whistles, they’re dead to us.

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