2 Great Talks on Fear: KJ-52 & Sadie Robertson

2 Great Talks on Fear: KJ-52 & Sadie Robertson

Fear is something every single person deals with and often we let it take over our lives and hold us back from achieving what God has called us to do. Once we let it take hold of us it’s hard to get free from its grasp.

If you’re struggling with fear right now we know how tough it is. I live far too much of my life in fear and it sucks, it really sucks. But, as I always repeat to myself, fear simply stands for False Evidence Appearing Real and as soon as you take that first step the fear crumbles into nothingness. It literally disapparates into thin air.

I’m doing my best to become fearless with God’s help and here’s two great talks from KJ-52 and Sadie Robertson on fear that have helped me further along that ‘journey’ recently. I really hope 1 or both of them speaks wisdom into your life so you can break out of fear’s grasp. (I also really recommend Sadie’s Live Fearless book!).

This talk from KJ-52 features a seriously moving fresh take on John 10 and sheep.

Sadie Robertson takes us through her experiences of where/how fear took her life hostage and offers biblical advice on how to overcome it and become fearless.

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