P. Lo Jetson's Jetson Juice Is Officially Being Served This Summer 2019
P. Lo Jetson - Jetson Juice EP

P. Lo Jetson’s Jetson Juice Is Officially Being Served This Summer 2019

Christian Rap artist P. Lo Jetson continues to make huge moves in 2019. Following the success of the release of his last single/video for “Juice 4 Sale,” P. Lo returns in time to heat up your summer with a whole new set-list of soul-satisfying songs and a remarkably versatile record designed for all to enjoy – the Jetson Juice EP has officially arrived!  

Jetson Juice Tracklist:

  1. Jetson Juice 
  2. Doin’ Me
  3. Part Righteous Part Ratchet 
  4. Flippin’ Ova Tablez
  5. I Got Juice

Releasing on July 19th– Jetson Juice is stocked full of refreshing cuts that explore exciting, vibrant, and unique sounds, rhythms, and hooks, while also supplying speakers around the globe with the signature style and unbreakably devout faith people know & love from P. Lo.

A rejuvenating Southern summer-collective, the Jetson Juice EP pumps out wildly dynamic sounds and songs that prove his faith-based music is more than just relevant for the right here and now with P. Lo’s flashy modern-day finesse on the mic and intense beats surrounding him. Leading the way for the genre – Jetson puts his passion and faith up front and center for the world to hear while giving the people bold, innovative, and catchy cuts to enjoy this season.

Jetson Juice goes beyond what normal records achieve and proves that P. Lo has the skills and capabilities required to communicate at the highest level and take His message to the masses where it truly belongs.  Join him as he ascends to the tops of playlists and charts all around the world in the summer of 2019 with the official release of the Jetson Juice EP– P. Lo Jetson is set to bring the juice right to your speakers and stereo-systems this year, flexing all the style, swagger, and pure authenticity that the people really want.

Jetson Juice will be available everywhere digitally July 19th.

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