for KING & COUNTRY teams up with Echosmith & Timbaland for God Only Knows Remix - God Only Knows [Timbaland Remix] by for KING & COUNTRY + Echosmith (Official Lyric Video) - The Mossy Mosaic: June 2019

The Mossy Mosaic: June 2019

Hey folks, hope you’re all well. Here’s a look at my favourite new music & videos from June 2019.

Spotlighted Video

For anyone who’s ever struggled with depression, loneliness, or suicidal thoughts/attempts the original God Only Knows music video from for KING & COUNTRY with Masey McLain meant the world to them. It held an extra special place in their heart. It sent tingles through their whole body. It made their hairs stand on end. It probably made them weep too. I know, I’m one of them.

This remix and video remake did all those things again. This truly is a special song and Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota did a phenomenal job at elevating it to new and different heights.

If you don’t watch anything else in this article, that’s cool, just make sure you watch this. Whether you’ve dealt with that stuff or not, watch it!

Top 11 Music Videos (well you try leaving 1 of these out!)

11. If you ever get the chance to see J Vessel live, take it. The boy’s got a swagger about him that’s quite simply infectious. He’s just, he’s just different. or to put it better, he Ain’t Like Them!

10. RED returned with their first single since going independent and it ROCKED! The full length video can be seen here.

9. Blake Whiteley’s new single has a serious country feel to it. I’m not exactly a fan of country. But I’m a big fan of this track! This is really well done.

8. VOTA returned after a few years hiatus and released a music video for a track off their Fearless album, complete with Bryan’s invention, a guitar and bass in one (more here). Love this song’s message!

7. I firmly believe it’s impossible to watch this new Unspoken video without smiling. If you try to prove me wrong on that, you’re lying to yourself!

6. This acoustic performance of this soothing song from Tasha Layton has an extra dollop of comfort that makes it truly irresistible.

5. The amount this track from Derek Minor and Canon pumps me up is ridicudonkulous!

4. Andy Mineo: You Can’t Stop Me
Pete: Hold my goat!
Pete Wall of Light Media absolutely KILLED the new LZ7 video. That verse from Ad-Apt is something else too!

3. It’s NF. It’s in. I’m a simple man who likes NF. A Lot. A LOT!

2. I’ll be honest, I’m shocked this isn’t at number 1 considering how much I love this swaggerlicious single & video from Aaron Cole. Just listen to that passion!

  1. As much passion as Aaron Cole displays in that video it just doesn’t match the amount of passion I have for the girls in GFM. Their new Never Again video delivers…and then some.

Favourite Other Videos

Technically this is a lyric video so I don’t have to try and fit it in somewhere in the music video countdown above. So thanks for saving me that headache Skillet. This song rocks!

They did trickshots with what now? Plungers? Oh ok, fair enough…

Can Clayton break into Eugene? and, more importantly, can Rexy survive? The How Ridiculous boys find out…

Speaking of that trio from down under, they reached 5 million subscribers and celebrated in a big way. in the states. with a tank. A TANK!

That YB’s a problem!

There’s a moment in this video that I love more than I should. You’ll know it when it happens! Super creative. Check out Soulbox when you can!

This is the best ‘Making Of’ video I’ve seen for a long time. That Elle Limebear can cooooook!

Just magical! Well done Switchfoot.

Carrie Underwood posted this video from 2009 and as someone who is a big Carrie fan I’ve predictably been all over it.

From the beautifully touching to the childish. These 2 make me laugh. Like seriously laugh. Especially the last 45 seconds. They say they’ve found their niche. Turns out that niche is me!

Top 5 Releases

Maddie Rey Is Confident In New Single - The Mossy Mosaic: June 2019
  1. Maddie Rey – Confident (This song is sooooo good!)
  2. Tasha Layton – Love Running Wild EP (Upbeat soul music at its best)
  3. Unspoken – Reason (Album) (Breath of fresh air for the CCM market)
  4. Flame – Capes (Single)
  5. 5ive – Family Business (Album)

…aaand that’s it folks! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found something new and let me know what you were loving in June. Also let me know what you’re looking forward to in July (well the 2nd half of July now!)

If I get time I’ll be doing a countdown of my top 50 music videos from the first half of 2019 but, if not, I’ll see you at the start of next month to round up July!