Danny O'Callaghan's You Are God, Be Glorified Single Out Today

Danny O’Callaghan’s You Are God, Be Glorified Single Out Today

Danny O’Callaghan’s brand new single entitled You Are God, Be Glorified is out today on Running Club Records. Listen to it and pick it up below.

The single, which features Sarah Bird, marks the 3rd release from his upcoming War Of Desires EP.

Danny says about the song, ” This single feels special. Writing this one in the studio with Chris Lawson Jones and Jonny Bird felt like a moment every songwriter dreams about. The more I jump into writing songs that aren’t limited to people needing to sing them easily, the more I begin to appreciate the significance of writing songs where people can. I hope and prayer this song serves many others of reminding us all of the faithfulness of God. So here is the third release from the upcoming #warofdesiresep. Special thanks to @sarahjoannabird for offering her amazing vocals. The perfect voice to carry this song.  “

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About Danny:
Danny O’Callaghan is an artist who’s motivation is to see true meaningful change that brings freedom to many and deep encounters of transformation and empowerment. His music is a transparent narrative to questions that press on his heart and an authentic expression of his personal journey. It is honest, inspiring people to search for a deeper meaning to their own questions, encouraging them to be their beautiful self without having it all figured out. He lives for the moments created in live music. He truly believes great things happen when people get together and uses these opportunities to gather and inspire people to stand up and seek better futures for themselves and those around them. His music is where he truly feels like an activist, sharing messages that the world needs to hear. Danny builds on his first EP release ‘Son of My Father’, an honest account of man’s journey into becoming a son, with ‘War of Desires’ set to be released late 2019. He lives with his wife Beth, in London UK and has been involved in singing, songwriting and leading worship in the local church for over 17 years.

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