Juice 4 Sale P. Lo Jetson's Got That Juice 4 Sale

P. Lo Jetson’s Got That Juice 4 Sale

Mississippi native, P. Lo Jetson, returns this summer with a spectacular new single/video combo specifically designed to fill you up this Summer – the charismatic Christian rapper has “Juice 4 Sale” – and you know you want some! Officially released June 14th, 2019, the single brilliantly fuses southern-inspired instrumentation, powerful thought-provoking lyricism, and Jetson’s signature style.

From the speakers to the screen, P. Lo’s new single “Juice 4 Sale” takes on what society deems valuable, and reveals what really matters. Ready to battle the emptiness of commercialism & modern-day culture through material & music with genuine substance, stunning insight, and devout faith on display from the lefts to the rights – Jetson’s “Juice 4 Sale” is a bold reminder of what’s truly important in this life of ours.  

With remarkable passion & precision, undeniable energy & a vested interest in creating authentic audio entertainment that goes long beyond a mere listening experience, into music that truly speaks to the hearts & minds of the people, P. Lo Jetson is an artist that confidently stands behind every word he’s ever written & rapped.  Backed by the conviction of an unshakable faith and the desire to take His message directly to listeners around the globe through meaningful music that genuinely connects – come fill up your cup with P. Lo’s “Juice 4 Sale”!

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