Video: Joe Guerra - Shorelines

Video: Joe Guerra – Shorelines

Following the release of the “Reason to Breathe” EP; Joe Guerra brings us this lyric video for his song Shorelines shot at beaches across the US during his summer tour travels last year.

When asked about the song’s message, Joe had this to say: “Life is often like a sailing journey across the ocean, we have days with clear skies and fair winds, and days where the storms threaten to destroy us on the rocks of life. In those stormy times, we all have tendencies to grab on to false anchors that we think will bring us safety or comfort, but in reality keep us stuck right where we are at. Our false anchors can be bad habits, an addiction, a destructive relationship, anger, you name it! But the reality is we have a God who loves us and asks us to trust him enough to let go of our anchors so He can take us out of the storms to new horizons that He has in store for us.”

You can find “Shorelines” and the rest of Joe’s “Reason to Breathe” EP on Spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay.

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