Video: Joe Guerra - Rise Up - Joe Guerra's Latest EP Gives Listeners A Good Reason to Breathe

Joe Guerra’s Latest EP Gives Listeners A Good Reason to Breathe

Are you looking for a Reason to Breathe? In his most recent EP Joe Guerra inspires us to do exactly that. No matter how significant you might feel or what cards you’ve been dealt; If God’s put the breath of life in you, you have something to give back to the world around you.

Starting off with the catchy radio single “Shorelines”; Joe brings a message of persevering through difficult circumstances, letting go of the things that hold us back so we can pursue God’s best for us. Taking off from there we can find a life of purpose by looking past ourselves to the needs of others.

The anthemic title track “Reason to Breath” is a call to action for followers of Jesus as the bridge boldly declares “Don’t give up, no, keep breathin’ We’ve got the hope the worlds’ needin’! Stand for the weak, heal the broken, and breath out the life that we’re holding’!”

Amidst the other songs on the project, “Rise Up” stands out as a congregational worship song based on Ephesians chapter 5. It carries a challenging call to the body of Christ to wake up from our slumber and live an intentional life of worship as we rise up. Taking a stand for truth in our actions we can share the light of Christ with the world around us.

If you enjoy singable melodies with an uplifting message, Joe Guerra’s “Reason to Breathe” EP is for you.

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