Video: Joe Guerra - Rise Up - Joe Guerra's Latest EP Gives Listeners A Good Reason to Breathe

Video: Joe Guerra – Rise Up

Come awake! With the worship video for “Rise Up” from Joe Guerra. This song is based on Ephesians chapter 5 which is part of a letter from Paul to a church that had some things going on that simply weren’t right. Paul even went as far as to tell them “This is not how you learned about Jesus!” BUT even after calling them out, he follows it up with this promise “Wake up o sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you”.

As believers God has called us to something bigger than ourselves; to be an intentional part of redeeming our world, standing up for truth, living a life that brings glory to our heavenly Father, and offering hope to those who have none. Let this song be an encouragement to you as we, the body of Christ, choose to ‘Rise Up’ for the kingdom of God in our world!

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