The Mossy Mosaic: Week 23 2019

Hey folks and welcome back to The Mossy Mosaic. I’ve got something exciting to share soon but, for now, let’s take a look at what I’ve been digging over this past week.

Spotlight Video…or should that be Raging Fire Video!!

Forget the cops, someone needs to call the fire department FASHO! I have played the heck out of Aaron Cole’s newest single. I think I like it.

Music Videos

Unspoken’s new video provides a good reason to smile. And I like things that make me smile, it doesn’t happen much.

RED are back!!

Steven Malcolm’s new video holds a special place in his heart as his dad used to carry him on his back through the Dunn’s River falls in it as a boy. I already loved it but I love it more now I know that.

Brightline & Soulbox team up for a really good video. Watch it here.

Other Videos

Welcome to total destruction! Will Clayton break into Eugene? And will Rexy be ok? I guess you’ll just have to watch… (I know, I’m such a tease!)

I have never wanted to throw a plunger about more!

This might be the best making of video I’ve watched for a loooong time. Elle Limebear’s debut EP is out now.

LZ7 are always a highlight of Big Church Day Out and it was nice to look back on the first half of their BCDO highlights. It was a pleasure as always to serve alongside them too.

To say I’m excited for Random Hero’s new album is an obvious statement, but I’m also very intrigued. Burning the past is a really bold statement. Most bands doing that would make me uncomfortable (eg FF5) but with RH I’m not, I’m just intrigued.

GFM are nuts…and I love that.

How to be more confident? Yeah I need some of that in my life. And Manafest has a way of really speaking to me.

Cool remix of a Manafest favourite from Doug Weier.

Aaaaaand that’s it for this week. Have a good week folks, be nice to people and see you next Monday for the next round up!