Call Off The Search, NF Is Back - The Mossy Mosaic: May 2019 - NF: The Search for WWE Raw's New Theme Song is Over

The Mossy Mosaic: May 2019

Hey folks, it’s been a while! I’m not sure whether this will just be a monthly column for now or whether I can start doing it on a weekly basis again but either way here’s my hot picks from the month of May. I hope you find some new artists or people to follow!

In The Spotlight

Easily my favourite thing in the month of May was the return of NF. No artist helps unscramble the mess in my head as proficiently as Nate does and the music just straight up rocks! (or raps?!) A tear rolled down my cheek upon my first watch of it (just 17 seconds after upload), both from happiness he was back but also because it was exactly what I needed right now. The lyrics below have been convicting me hard in the tens of times I’ve watched this since last Thursday.

Just think about it for a second, if you look at your face
Every day when you get up and think you’ll never be great
You’ll never be great—not because you’re not, but the hate
Will always find a way to cut you up and murder your faith

Top Music Videos

Speaking of returns, Skillet made theirs. and it was Legen-wait for it-dary. (any other HIMYM fans out there?!)

This instagram teaser of a new KB song from Rapzilla made me seriously hungry for new KB music. The song sounded SIIIICK! That track turned out to be Hold Me Back and the first time I heard it it blew me away. The visuals don’t disappoint either. Is there a better CHH artist than KB? Seriously…

Andy Mineo might have something to say about that! Him & Guvna B are Keepin it movin in a song they made in 1 hour (and the video was roughly the same time frame too). Madness. Other artists, step your game up!

The new Righteous Vendetta is ear meltingly heavy…and I love it!

Comedian John Crist made his rap debut. and the results are actually really dope.

Ok, it’s time for some Kirk. Really love the positive soul music Kirk continues to make, even after all these years! Watching him perform live is definitely on my bucket list!

I genuinely think Jeremy Camp could sing anything and I’d love it. So of course his new video is in!

Great song, great video from Hillsong Young & Free.

Great new song from Philippa Hanna & Lily-Jo with a much needed message for today’s culture.

You can’t go wrong with songs based off the Psalms and Australian Tenielle Neda’s got such a worshipful nature to her vocals that this is a home run. It’s based off Psalm 86.

Danger Scene also returned from a small hiatus with Poison. The song, not literal poison. It can’t be embedded so watch it here.

Other Videos

My weekends officially start after I’ve watched the new How Ridiculous videos every Friday night. The boys always amuse me but they were seriously on form in this video. Get that bell on folks!

The amount of positivity Dude Perfect videos instill in me is unmatched, even by my beloved guys in How Ridiculous. Here’s DP doing what they do best, trick shots and celebrating properly!

The yoke’s on the HR boys, literally…

John Crist makes his 2nd appearance in this article, this time in his natural element. and all I’ve got to say is where do I sign up for Red Apron?

Bright City, the worship band from my new church, officially released their debut short film. Entitled This Is Love, this simple and powerful retelling of the Prodigal Son story will hit you deep within. You may need tissues, just to warn you!

Top Releases

LZ7’s new album These Are Better Days, the first of a two part album this year, is a big one! Mixing together all the singles from the past few years with some great new songs (Giant Killer being an emotional stand out) the album goes Hard with a capital H! Get it here and read my review below (the quickest review I’ve ever written!).

Seventh Day Slumber’s newest album delivered, and then some. Get it here.

Honestly I almost overlooked the new album from The Afters but I’m glad I didn’t. There’s plenty of truth throughout the record and even a couple of tracks that remind me of their early albums when I was a huge fan. It was really great to get to interview Matt about the new album too. Get it here.

Martin Smith’s new album Iron Lung is a breath of fresh air, which is appropriate! Get it here.

The new single from Martin’s daughter Elle Limebear had me flying (metaphorically of course!). Come fly with me here.

Any new release from my 2nd favourite artist of all time was always going to be included. So, yeah, get KJ-52’s new album here!

The Throwback Spot

I have been obsessed with this old tune from J Vessel for a good month now, I just keep coming back to it.

Final Highlight

I finally got around to reading this phenomenal book from Pastor Tommy Kyllonen (Urban D.). I’m planning on sharing my thoughts on it at some point so look out for those (if they appear!). Take my word for it, this book will help you shift your Kingdom perspective and seriously help you rebuild and reshape your Kingdom projects.

Aaaand that’s it for now. See you soon…whenever that may be!