Death Therapy Launches Gofundme to Raise Funds for Vehicle Repairs

Death Therapy Launches Gofundme to Raise Funds for Vehicle Repairs

This is a fundraiser you all have the power to knock out of the ballpark in no time if we all come together on this. Death Therapy is hitting the road this summer, but first they need to take care of some repairs on their mode of transportation. They have launched a Gofundme that is already nearing the halfway mark. Let’s get this thing funded and keep them on the road. Here is what they had to say on their fundraising campaign page:

Touring and festival season is upon us, and we need your help to make it there! Our ride (the lovely 1986 Itaska Sunflyer shown in the picture), needs a little bit of TLC. It isn’t just a vehicle. It is also our home when we are on the road. Currently, we need to repair the generator, replace the toilet, and get a new blower motor for the dash. We will put thousands of miles on it this summer, and it’s likely we will run into a handful of other, unexpected repair needs.

So why are we asking you for help? Because, contrary to what you might believe, we are not rock stars. We are not getting rich and/or famous. Without exaggeration, it is ONLY because of the generosity and support of people like you that we are able to keep doing what we do. Thank you so much for considering helping us out! It means more than you know.” 

Maybe if you give enough and ask nicely they will name their new toilet after you in your honor. Jesus did say all things are possible with God after all.

Death Therapy’s Gofundme Campaign can be found here.

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