LZ7 Proclaim These Are Better Days With Swagger On New Album

LZ7 Proclaim These Are Better Days With Swagger On New Album

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Hailing from Manchester UK and known for their high energy live shows, LZ7 have built up quite the cult following worldwide. Switching effortlessly between mainstream pushes with massive radio bops and their Illuminate schools tours, the largest mission to young people in the UK and beyond in our generation connecting millions of young people to Jesus, LZ7 have one main mission, to see a shift back to Jesus in young people in our nation and beyond.  

Fresh off the back of being on Jason Derulo’s 2Sides European tour last year, the EDM group return next week with These Are Better Days, the first half of a two part album this year. So without further ado, let’s get into the music shall we?

These Are Better Days kicks off with the vibrant and joyful pop/EDM anthem Legends. A long build to the first chorus warms you up akin to dawn breaking before the promised drop hits and delivers big time. The Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) legend Silento lends his swaggerlicious vocals throughout, elevating the track to new levels.

LZ7 frontman Lindz West and LZ7 family member Ad-Apt unleash their inner grime animals on GOAT. Quite possibly the best track they’ve ever created, GOAT pumps listeners up to be the Greatest Of All Time as the beat goes HARD. Ad-Apt is well and truly in his element here as his verse steals the show and offers up a highlight of the album. 

New song Up is up next and encourages listeners that no matter what depths we may find ourselves it’s all up from here. The message is hammered home right off the bat before the beat takes centre stage in the brilliantly messy rave choruses. Also featuring the message that “Perfect love casts out fear” from 1 John 4:18, UP leads us perfectly into summer anthem Give My All. Turning the electro-pop dial up to max, Give My All reminds us that even if we give our all without God “it means nothing without You” and “with You there’s no FEAR as this False Evidence Appearing Real disappear”. Even a cheeky little reference to Tom & Jerry, the GOAT cartoon, hits home.

Lindz pours his heart out on Giant Killer, a touching ode to his adopted son Jack. Encouraging him that “if you want to live, let love be the one thing you’re gonna live for” the song’s in line with the pure honesty shown on LZ7 oldie Brave Face.  The choruses are dancy in trademark LZ7 fashion but the song’s heart is what beats loudest here, as Lindz’s love for Jack overflows through your headphones.  

Golden turns the swagger vibes back up to eleven as rapper S.O. knocks his verse out of the park with ease. Reminding us we’re “Golden with You [God]” the track gently eases us back into the party vibe of the album. The pop-centric Breakthrough continues that trend, breaking through “a world gone mad” with love, “the only thing that breaks through”.

Wandering synths introduce us to I C Love, the final original song on TABD. I C Love features some seriously swaggerlicious dance vibes as it closes out the album with a great reminder to “forget the labels”, to “kick them in the dust” and to “turn the tables” because “there’s so much more to us”. Brightline’s Daniel Eduardo soulful vocals make the song’s message ring a little truer.

A series of remixes properly wrap up the album offering fresh revitalising takes on Legends and Whoever Said ft. Guvna B, the bass thumping and trippy DJ Pioneer and TJ Legends remix a personal stand out.


From the start, LZ7 has kept a relevance and honesty about their music which comes from a heart that sees the best in young people. This heart shines through their music and personalities with ease and offers the backbone of every new album. Flesh it out with huge, well produced, dance anthems and you have a body of work to be proud of.

With huge drops, swaggerlicious vibes and back to back anthems that are sure to go off live, These Are Better Days is not to be missed. Make sure you grab your digital copy May 31st, or grab a physical copy this weekend at Big Church Day Out. My only disappointment with TABD is there’s bangers on bangers on bangers, but no mash in sight!!

These Are Better Days is the heartbeat of LZ7 and it’ll soon be the heartbeat of your summer! To think that this is just a taster for what’s to come later this year in the 2nd part is mind-blowingly tasty. These Are Better Days indeed!!

[PS. Yes, swaggerlicious is a word!]

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