Jonas Woods released his new album WHISPERS through OLD BEAR RECORDS on March 15th of this year. WHISPERS is now available for download from major digital platforms since it’s release on April 19, 2019.

Jonas Woods has shared the stage for over a decade with artists such as Jars of Clay, Mute Math, Leeland and others. WHISPERS was produced by Chris Hoisington of the Brothers McClurg, who showcases the diversity of Woods’ songwriting and talent. The new album embraces the indie sound that has become the signature of Old Bear Records.

Woods shared his thoughts about the songs on WHISPERS which he says “are held together by the glue called experience. Experience as a parent, experience as a human, as a man of faith.” He also stated that he hopes that “this record strikes the heart poetically, musically and spiritually.“

The release of WHISPERS by Jonas Woods introduces a new release schedule for Old Bear Records. The new scheduling model made it possible to purchase the album on vinyl, CD, and digitally, directly through Old Bear Records’ online store. This was a month in advance of the album’s release to major digital retailers.

Check out the music video below of Jonas Woods performing Worried from his 2014 album TALES OF THE BITTERSWEET

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