Danger Scene Return With Poison

Video: Danger Scene Return With Poison

Danger Scene return after a year and a half with their new single Poison. Check out the video here and notes from the band below.

New single from Danger Scene. Hard hitting electro pop song that delivers a synth dance chorus to get the hips moving and the head banging.

Music and lyrics: Michael Cunningham, Matthew Cunningham, Carter Frodge
Produced by: Carter Frodge, Michael Cunningham
Video Production: Matthew Cunningham

“I’ve always loved Dance Dance Revolution and have always wanted to make a video around that concept. When we wrote and recorded this song, the music just screamed, ‘This is the song to try this idea!’ so we worked really hard on choreographing and figuring out a way to make this idea happen.”

From Danger Scene: Hey everyone, it’s good to be back. We have missed sharing our music and ideas and love with you all and are super thankful we get another opportunity to do so with “Poison.” It’s been a long year and a half since we released any new music and if it has felt like it dragged on and on, we’re right there with you. We have had quite a few setbacks that made releasing new music much harder but we are so very happy that you all are still with us. And if you’re new to Danger Scene, welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay.

We wrote this song as a warning, but also lined with hope. It comes from what we see in our lives and others around us. We hope you find something in “Poison” that speaks to you.

This is just a start. More to come.

Thanks for being here.

Matt and Michael Danger Scene

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