Hey Guys! Abi Jo here! I know I have been gone a while, but I appreciate your patience! A lot has gone in my life, but that is NO EXCUSE! I will be trying to be better at keeping y’all updated on the latest in Independent Christian Music! That being said.. I’m excited to introduce you to Novaland! 

Novaland just released their first full length album!! It’s called “Light My Way”. This is one of those albums that you can blast in the car with the windows down! It’s got that positive and upbeat sound to it and of course it has a positive message! We hope that you enjoy checking it out! As always we will put the links to the band’s music and socials down below! 

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Abi Jo is excited to be contributing to Jesuswired.com with bringing you the TCR Rundown! She has been in the online radio industry since she was 18 and has loved it ever since. Abi has had a love for Christian music since she was very young. Her first cd and concert was the band Jump 5. This Texas girl has a passion for bringing Christ to people around the world through playing indie music on Teen Christian Radio. She prays to continue to do that through her column on Jesuswired.com.

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