Godframe's Sippin' That Holy Water In New Aquafina Single

GodFrame’s Sippin’ That Holy Water In New Aquafina Single

Atlanta-based Christian hip hop artist GodFrame accompanies his recent Aquafina single release with a new light-hearted music video. The video can be watched below.

GodFrame, who also produced the song, feels the timing is right for this type of content. He says, “The weather’s getting warmer (even though it was freakishly chilly the day we shot this), people are going on spring break, doing more fun stuff outdoors, so I wanted to do something fun that still had a message. I made the beat three years ago while sitting in my car using bluetooth because I didn’t have a studio setup. It’s become one of my favorite songs on Hello Jesus, so I’m glad we took a shot a creating a visual for it.”

The video, produced and directed by GodFrame’s media production group Lamar Haaley Creative, tells the story of a guy trying to lose weight with the help of a quirky personal trainer. But a deeper look beyond the antics brings to light some hidden symbolism.

“There’s definitely more to it than us acting goofy,” GodFrame admits. “There’s like seven or eight hidden gems in there. For example: If you look at the numbers on my racer bib (4514) and match them up with letters of the alphabet, it spells ‘DEAD’ because that’s what we are without Christ. But the good news is that while we were still dead in our sins, Christ gave His life for us at just the right time.” He continues, “The personal trainer’s role also has some hidden meaning, but I’ll wait to see if anyone figures that part out before I say anything, haha.”

With lyrics in the song addressing topics such as substance abuse, self worth, and abstinence, GodFrame hopes the video will make people laugh, but also make a positive impact on their hearts. He says, “The whole point of the song is that while there are many pleasures, vices, and temptations in this world that temporarily satisfy – we can only find lasting love and fulfillment in Christ. He’s our living water.”

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