The Eccentric Sheep Musings: The Sacrifice of Time

The Eccentric Sheep Musings: The Sacrifice of Time

I don’t know about you, but I believe that April is the worst month of the year.  It’s often full of darkness and death.  This year was no different.  My own family faced grief and loss, and friends around me faced the same thing.  Death was everywhere.

Time is short.  Time is precious.  Do not take for granted the time you have with people.  Today could be the last time you ever seen them and touch them in this world.

We talk so much about giving money and the sacrifice of giving it away, but not so often do we talk about the sacrifice of time.  When we give money, we can go make more money to take its place.  We can save money over time and let it grow in amount. 

When we give our time, however, it is gone forever.  We cannot save up time in a bottle to be used later.  We cannot create more time when we give it away.  It slips out of our fingers bit by bit even as I write this. 

The only being that can create time is God.  That is why I believe that sacrifice of time to God is just as honorable able giving your money.  Look at your church.  I can safely assume that the workers are few.  The people that give their time to keep programs and events going are not many.  Multitudes will give nothing and enjoy the fruits.  Many will give their money to something and not much else.  Only a handful will not only give money, but they will give their time and let it be sacrificed on the alter forever.  The few that give their time are often worked into the ground for the sake of the many that give money and do not give their time. 

I do not have the same kind of money I use to.  I can give my time though.  I give my time with all my heart because I know when I give it up, it will never return to me.  I know I give something I can never get back unless God grants me more time.  So remember that if I ever give you my time. 

If you cannot afford to throw mass quantities of money on the alter to God, remember that you also have your time.  The workers are few, and your time is precious to the kingdom of God.  The kingdom deeply needs your time and will be very grateful for it. 

Fear not if your April was full of death like mine.  Our Lord conquered death so it has no hold over us.  Your pain and grief here will not last much longer. 

Go enjoy the time you have left before it completely slips through your fingers.