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Jen Ledger Offers Invaluable Advice on Fighting Fear and Anxiety

Jen Ledger, of Skillet and her own project LEDGER, has been very vocal about her struggles with fear and anxiety.

For anyone who’s ever suffered under the monumental weight of fear or anxiety and let it take over your life will know just how hard it is to accomplish the simplest of tasks. You may know it’s all lies and False Evidence Appearing Real but that doesn’t make it any easier, in fact sometimes that makes it even harder. I know, I’ve been there. I still am. But like Korey Cooper told Jen Ledger, as long as there’s still breath in my lungs, I will fight it, I will not let it rob me of my life.

In this Coffee Talk interview with Way FM’s Joy, Jen opens up more about her battles with it, and offers several pieces of invaluable advice on how to overcome it.

If you suffer from fear, anxiety, panic attacks or depression, I promise you this will help in some way.

[If you’re really tight for time but need quick advice right now, watch at 15:30 for a minute, but I really recommend watching it all.]

Let’s choose to fight this together. We’re Not Dead Yet, we will continue to fight with everything we’ve got and we won’t let it take over our lives.

This video means the world to me, hopefully it will help you too.

Not Dead Yet appears on her self-titled debut EP which features other songs like “Bold” and “Warrior” which will be incredibly helpful in your fight against anxiety. Pick it up below and read my review of the EP below too.

If you ever need someone to talk to about it or want more songs about fear/anxiety, our social media inboxes are always open! We will also be building a playlist on this subject soon (if you want to help us with that, please do contact us!).

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