Releasing physically last Friday, the brand new Genesys EP from Faith Head released to digital outlets today.

Faith Head, an alternative / metal band from Chattanooga TN, releases their second studio album ‘Genesys‘ featuring recent single ‘Old Sin, New Skin‘ plus 4 new tracks. You can purchase the physical CD from their merch shop or via digital retailers now.

Faith Head’s ‘Genesys’ album reflects much of what we see happening in the world today. Is it the beginning of the end or just a dress rehearsal for Armageddon? 

“Our new EP takes you on a musical journey through our culture & time told through the Christian worldview”, explains the band. “The music is our response to culture and social media as we see the system breaking down and people becoming more polarized. But there is a path of redemption for those who believe in Jesus Christ and that have hope who will emerge victorious.”

Faith Head began touring regionally in support of ‘Genesys‘ this Spring. A Summer tour through Texas and Oklahoma is being planned for the Summer. To find out if Faith Head is coming to your town, click on this link to see their 2019 tour schedule. 

For booking Faith Head, you can contact Brass Tacks Entertainment or reach out directly through the band website at today. Show dates are being added weekly so contact the band if you want to bring them to your city. 

You can get a taste of ‘Genesys‘ by listening to this tease sampler on YouTube

Founder and bassist, Patrick Shipley (aka PFunk) explains the writing process of the new album. “This sounds cliché but it’s a process of divine inspiration. God will stir us about something we see on TV or read. Sometimes I feel compelled to write a response to a song I heard. When the inspiration comes it will start with an email to the guys, to make sure I don’t forget it. I am blessed that I’m surrounded by talented songwriters. Most of 2018 was spent playing shows. This past Fall we’ve been trying to find ourselves again in the writing process. 

Typically, when I have lyrics for a song, I usually don’t have music for it. So, I will float the idea to the band and see what we can come up with musically. Now, when I have music, just say a couple of riffs, I will hand it off to Donny and see what he can come up with to add to it. Jimmie and I will work on the lyrics because we usually have an idea for a concept of what we’re inspired to say. Sometimes Donny has some cool riffs that he comes up with and we try to see where they go musically and lyrically. The music comes from our influences, but the lyrical message comes from God.”

Unlike their contemporaries Faith Head does not hide behind a selective use of pronouns to mask the biblical worldview of the lyrics nor use graphic and provocative imagery in a marketing attempt to attract listeners. Faith Head’s job is to praise the name of Jesus Christ through song and word and His job is to do the drawing of listeners.

“We focus equally on both the music and the message,” states Patrick. “If the music sucks, then no one will care about the message. If the message is weak or watered down, then the music doesn’t matter.”

But to classify Faith Head’s genre in the music realm is tougher than you think. “It depends on where you are in the world, states Patrick. “In Europe, our fans see us as Alternative. In the states, we’re looked at as metal. We just say we’re a mix of Alternative, Hard Rock and Metal. We have some songs that are darker than others which are distinctly metal. Then we have some lighter songs that are hard rock. Then we have some songs that are a blend of different genres that we would call alternative. We like to keep people guessing. We don’t want to be trapped in a box or a genre if we can avoid it. We always find it interesting when people compare us to another band because the comparisons are not consistent.”

What can fans expect from Faith Head on tour supporting “Genesys”? “It’s a pure rock show,” says Patrick. “We don’t use backing tracks. It’s just us raw and unfiltered loud rock and roll. Our performance is a real live performance. If we’re having an off-night, you are going to hear the off night, but its real. I can’t say we’ve ever played a perfect show but sometimes is those errors and on-stage brain-farts that make them memorable for you as well as the audience. Most of the songs we don’t perform them exactly how they are on the album. Each one is a little different. We don’t see the point in playing everything like it is on the album, otherwise there would no need to come to the show. You could just listen to the music at home. Jimmie is an intense front man. His performance has grown leaps and bounds, literally and metaphorically. Donny is an intense live performer. If he can get through a show without breaking a string, it’s a good night. He beats his guitar very hard and he plays with a very thick guitar pick. I do my part. I smack my bass hard with my hand on stage with certain songs. I’ve popped out the pickups a couple of times on stage. We’re always tweaking the live show to make it more dynamic and intense.”

Faith Head’s debut album “Are you a Faith Head?” landed at #6 on Metal Pulse Radio’s Top 10 album of the Year in 2016. In 2017 Faith Head was nominated by Independent Artist Magazine for Best Male Artist of the year. The band was featured in the documentary “Metal Missionaries” in September 2017. The group also toured on the southeast leg of The Extreme Tour in 2017. Faith Head was the first Christian hard rock act to perform at the Gospel Spin Awards in Atlanta, GA in October 2017.

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NB. The cover art was designed by Ragnarok Designs.

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