P. Lo Jetson Officially Releases Brand-New Single My Life Is In Your Hands April 12th, 2019

P. Lo Jetson Releases My Life Is In Your Hands Single Today

In a true sonic celebration, Christian Recording Artist P. Lo Jetson has today dropped the most vibrant and lively single of his career to-date with the official release of “My Life Is In Your Hands”. Encouraging one and all to take confidence in the fact that God is there to guide us, even in the toughest of situations, He is always present.

With powerfully uplifting and inspiring sound from the lefts to the rights, “My Life Is In Your Hands” reveals the true passion of P. Lo Jetson; he’s a stunning artist and simultaneously, a faithful Christian.  The brand-new single combines exceptionally skillful, catchy, and rhythmic Rap from P. Lo Jetson on the mic, with brilliant Contemporary Pop hooks sung aloud by featured guest-star Ed Williams supporting him – and together they create an insatiably inviting and warm atmosphere that surrounds listeners with pure heart, audible sunshine, and a radiantly beautiful spirit that celebrates the true joy of Christ and music as one.

Released in time for Resurrection Sunday of 2019, P. Lo’s “My Life Is In Your Hands” explores the biblical passages of Job 12:10 – “In His hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.” Ready to bring the people of the world together through positivity, love, music, and God – join P. Lo Jetson and Ed Williams as they surge through their new single, praising the Lord for the fantastic gifts we’ve all been given, offering a new experience with the sound of faith at its most colorful, charismatic, and committed.

P. Lo Jetson’s single “My Life Is In Your Hands” is available via all digital retailers today, Friday, April 12th.

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