FLASHBACK: Anastasis’ Latest Album Is Laced with Melodic Left Turns & Explosive Guitar Hooks


While Anastasis is guided by the heartfelt vocals and lyrical message of Dave Coleman, it revels in the wails and melodies that fly from the fingers of guitarists Rodney Zimmerman and Carl Bailey. My World, Her World, His World, Your World openers “Trickster” and “I Am” seem like pretty straight-ahead hard rockers — there might be a bit of a Queensrÿche influence here — but they soon make their mark with interesting melodic left turns from the guitarists. “Give in to Love” opts for an acoustic main riff, supported by a combo of chunky distortion and intricate harmonic work, while the woven vocal harmonies of “Carpe Diem [Run Away]” give way to a soaring chorus. As a vocalist, Coleman has boundless energy. However, he has a tendency to actually oversing — on cuts like “My Creation,” it’s like he gets carried away in the spiritual themes of his lyrics. The guitars too, for all their multi-faceted shrieking, can be a little much over 17 tracks. But they never overstay their welcome, dutifully supporting Coleman’s moods with an inventive array of tones and colors. My World, Her World adjusts fluidly between the rousing, Staind-style ballad “Betrayal,” and the stinging lead riff and upbeat rhythm of “Light of Day [Revelation],” not to mention the crackling guitar pop (and handclaps) of “Juliet.” Sure to appeal to guitar fans, Anastasis should also find favor among those faithful to Coleman’s uplifting message.

My World, her world, His world, your world track listing

  • Trickster
  • I Am
  • Wait For You
  • Give In To Love
  • Still Waiting
  • Need To Know
  • Carpe Diem (Run Away)
  • Too Soon
  • A Moment Of Silence…
  • My Creation
  • I Lie Awake
  • Betrayal
  • Light Of Day (The Revelation)
  • In The World
  • Juliet
  • Everything (Love Is…) / Hidden Track
  • Juliet (Radio Edit)

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