Exclusive Premiere: Out Of Black Unleash the Animal Music Video

Exclusive Video Premiere: Out Of Black Unleash the Animal

2019 kicked off with us discovering Out Of Black, the new boys on the rock block, and today it gives us great pleasure to open the door and exclusively unleash their new Animal music video upon the world.

Animal is a song about the inner struggle with addiction. Written for a friend of Matt Black’s, who is now over a year clean, the imagery in the song is worded to describe events that led Matt’s friend to recovery. The ultimate revelation in the song is that the root of the issue is within the person themselves. The addiction is simply a symptom of the inner issue.

The track was mastered by Robert Venable of As We Ascend and produced by Andrew Stanton of Disciple and Jake Jones.

Out Of Black is made up of Matt Black (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ian Clara (Guitar) and Cody McAskill (Drums). They say ‘Out Of Black’ is “a wake up call, a voice of hope in the darkness slowly encompassing our world.”

So without further ado, turn your volume up to eleven, hit play and get ready to face up to the Animal…

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