HeeSun Lee Releases LAP Video ft. Jacquelyn Wells

HeeSun Lee Releases LAP Video ft. Jacquelyn Wells

HeeSun Lee releases the music video for LAP off her latest EP Flying Cars. The song and video features Jacquelyn Wells.

Lap is a beautiful outlook on the complexities of the adoption process. Each verse is through the view point of a different character (adoptee, birthmother, adoptive mother) in hopes to show viewers the emotional struggles that they face, and to help promote healing for those searching for inner peace. It is also meant to empower women by being an original music video about adoption with an all-female lineup. Even in the midst of every problem these characters face, their bravery, sacrifice, and love, help them to overcome their obstacles.

Directed and written by Korean Adoptees, please watch this video and bring awareness to a subject that is so often overlooked. Share and spread the word!!!

(SN: This is just one gaze and does not intend to speak for all adoptees, birthmothers, or adoptive mothers, nor all adoptions).

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