COLOR are radiant in new single “Love Feels”
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COLOR are radiant in new single “Love Feels”

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All girl pop/acoustic band COLOR blend their musical prowess and their faith together effortlessly in their latest single, “Love Feels.”

Comprised of lead singer and guitarist Izzy Marcil, drummer and singer Emma Williams, and producer, guitarist and singer Belinda Huang, the trio have garnered a steady following in Los Angeles after debuting their single, “Locals,” at a sell out gig at LA’s historic Hotel Café.

With more than 90,000 streams of their debut on Spotify, “Love Feels,” is a mature and engaging follow up that fans of Christian music and the singer/songwriter genre will gravitate towards.

Synth, acoustic guitar and percussion come together in the single, creating a foundation for the perfectly blended vocals of COLOR. A three part harmony makes their sound distinctive in a song about being worthy of love and finding this in Christ.

The lyrics, “It didn’t matter that it was broken, that it was messy,” immediately make the song feel like it’s about you. In this, Marcil and Williams’ songwriting disarms you of any pretence or fear of rejection, and you are welcomed into the heart beat of a group who seem to radiate authenticity.

Combined with Marcil’s soaring vocals in the bridge, Williams’ drumming, and Huang’s nuanced production that is careful and strategic, the fact the trio studied and met at Berklee College of Music becomes apparent. Their expertise resides in the steady rise and fall of the melody, and the transparent and relatable lyrics that communicate the reality of Christ’s love without once using cliché terms or chord progressions we’ve come to expect in positive music. In all this, COLOR keeps you enthralled but never in a pretentious or forced way.

“Love Feels,” makes you feel carefree and comfortable, like you have come home and are sitting with friends having a heart to heart. The friendship of the group is therefore constantly at the forefront of their sound, and their celebration of diversity and difference makes their delivery all the more powerful.

Between Williams’ roots in Johannesburg, South Africa, Marcil’s North Dakota heritage, and Huang who comes from Hacienda Heights in California, the breadth of each individual’s experiences and talent meets to create a unique and much needed take on the all girl pop band trope.

Instead of women forced to compete against one another, or trying to prove their worth in an over sexualised industry, COLOR highlights the powerhouse talent and friendship of three unique women who want their audience to feel God’s affection in a personal way.

A delightful, hope-filled and honest follow up to their debut, “Love Feels,” shows we can expect more than just positive vibes from this upcoming LA based band. We can expect quality music and a prolific friendship too.

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