VIDEO: Check out the latest single by Gandhi's Gun "We Are The Stars"

Video: Check out the latest single by Gandhi’s Gun “We Are The Stars”

Gandhi’s Gun is from San Antonio, TX. They are out there speaking about hope out on the front lines from the stages in bars. This is the song they take time to speak to the audience during their performances. Check out the video below.

“We Are the Stars” is a song written for everyone like us, for the not perfect, wounded, abused, counted out, jaded, and every other category of individual who has ever felt “less than.” It’s been our experience that those who have been through the most are the ones that have the most to offer, the greatest life stories, and unstoppable destinies. This song represents a mind-shift from victim to victor. So, if you’ve been through it, get ready, you’re gonna be a star (actually, you already are).

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