Relentless Flood Releases Killer Set Me Free Video - The Mossy Mosaic: 2019 - Weeks 5 - 9

The Mossy Mosaic: 2019 – Weeks 5 – 10

Hi there folks, it’s safe to say I’m just a little bit behind with these roundups….so let’s see to that shall we?! Here’s a round up of the pick of my favourite stuff from weeks 5-10.

The Best of the Best

Usually I’d highlight a music video in this slot but not this week. Hands down my favorite new music ‘thing’ of these weeks, possibly even 2019 so far, is the new Everything track from Deraj. My oh my this is gooood!

Favorite Music Videos

There’s no more powerful imagery than chains for me, and this video really hits that mark. Plus it just straight up rocks which always helps!

This will be one of the most powerful videos you’ll see in 2019 and I have no doubt it’ll be extremely high up my top 100 videos of 2019! The use of chains makes this hit me even harder.

I have been OBSESSED with this video over the past week. Seriously obsessed!

To anyone who’s dealt with anxiety, depression and other similar things, this song’s for you. I’m trying to say No Way to all the lies of the enemy, will you join me in that?

The new single from GFM shows signs of real maturity. That lyric “and when I start to think, that’s when I start to scream” hits me super hard! The pre-orders for their new EP begin this Friday the 15th…which just so happens to be the day after my birthday so if you want to get me a gift, I won’t say no!

The new Matthew Parker music video is suuuuper dreamy!

I am UNBELIEVABLY stoked for Elle Limebear’s future. I am STILL obsessed with Love Song, her track with One Sonic Society.

I have an insane amount of love for this new video from Danny Gokey

My ‘start the day’ music video since Friday and I’m sure that’ll continue throughout this week at least. It’s a NEW DAY!

I’ve always loved the story of the 99, and I’ve loved 7eventh Time Down since their debut, so it makes sense that I love this. and then some!
Their new album Brand New Day released at the start of this month and I highly recommend it!

Dear CHH community, pay A LOT of attention to this song. Believin’ Stephen hits nail right on its head!

5ive bringing the 5ire! When an intro video leaves you wanting the new album RIGHT NOW, it’s done it’s job. Seriously going to have a hard job waiting to summer for this album!

Sweet new video from Ellie Holcomb

I was obsessed with this video for a few weeks

The UK coming in strong…

…and Lecrae & Kory Hawthorne coming in Unstoppable!

Tedashii & Trip really flex their God given talents on this track!

A Martin Smith new song/video? I’m in! Fun fact: I’m just starting to go to the church Martin’s a part of!

A wonderful song sung in such a graceful manner by the Anthem Lights boys.

The new Meredith Andrews EP caught me by surprise, I actually really love it! Brilliant singer/music but a release I’d usually overlook…to my shame.

Really loving the new releases from Demon Hunter.

Feel that pure passion!

1st of 2 Sevin videos in this article. Big fan of his music and heart!

I always feel surprised when I listen to a new Unspoken song…and love it. That NEEDS to stop! I now hereby declare I’m a big fan of Unspoken! Watch here >>>

Other Videos/Songs

I said it above…and I’ll say it again, I am unbelievably excited for the future of Elle Limebear!

I seriously doth my hat to the Dude Perfect guys for this video, SUCH a satisfying watch!

I enjoy every How Ridiculous video each week but this was easily the most entertaining for a while! Also, Gauno is wearing the shirt of my team – that’s a win win in my book!

and last week’s viddy was equally as good! I want a go at both of these games NOW!!!

Looking forward to seeing (or hearing!) more from these guys

LZ7 started up their Social Club vlog on Friday, check out the first episode below where they offer an inside look at their tour with Jason Derulo at the end of last year. I’m still blown away by this, not that they were received as well as they were but how they were given this opportunity. Truly a God thing!

Speaking of tours…wow! Also this quick clip of Switchfoot singing Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer is just special!

Sevin’s music will be controversial to some Christians (who haven’t researched his story etc) but there’s no questioning his heart behind it and Hogmob!

This was only the 2nd ever Sam Collier interview I’ve watched and this was the 2nd time I was blown away by his interviewing skills. I’m going to be watching (& learning!) a lot more of them in the future.

Looking forward to this from The Young Escape, these guys really have a strong future!

I want to see this tour so badly it’s untrue….but it’s true! I love Toby’s heart, full stop.

Other Bits

I’ve been seriously loving Tedashii’s new album Never Fold over the past 10 days! HIGHLY recommend it!

The JesusWired podcast Between You & Me started Season 2 on Friday with Sleeping At Last. Check it out and get all the links below.

…and that’s it for this roundup. Let me know if you found anything new in this article in the comments below!

I look forward to seeing y’all back here next Monday for my roundup of this coming week.