Jo's Devotions; According To Your Faith

Jo’s Devotions; According To Your Faith

Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). If you are a regular church goer, then you have heard this statement from the pulpit a couple of times. You must have also heard this verse that says that if your faith is as small as a mustard seed, you would say to a mountain move and it will (Matthew 17:20)

From what I hear, a mustard seed is one of the tiniest there is. And amazingly, that is about all we need to receive from God. Obviously, with time, God expects us to grow in faith but even when life beats us down and we are running out on hope, just a mustard seed-sized faith is enough to move a mountain…literally.

Reading the Bible and listening to some songs recently, my attention was drawn to three instances where people approached Jesus in faith to receive healing. One asked Jesus to come home with him to lay hands on his child who was sick. And as loving as Jesus is, decided to go with him. The second one didn’t consult Jesus like the first; she was the famous woman with the issue of bleeding. She just reached out in faith and touched the helm of Jesus’ garment and instantly got healed.

The third one is about the centurion who also had an ailing child but didn’t think Jesus walking home with him was at all necessary. He believed that just the words spoken by Jesus was enough to heal the sick one.

These three out of the lot all had a varying degree of faith in the Healing Jesus who appreciated it and responded to their needs accordingly. I know sometimes we are led to believe we are to cultivate our faith to a certain level before we can receive from the Lord but that’s not what I take from the Word. I believe just as every relationship takes time to progress and trust to be established, one’s faith must be tested and built from one level to another.

In the beginning, you may require your pastor to lay hands on you so you can have breakthrough in something; at another time, it would take a prophecy or a word of knowledge to confirm something you’ve been praying about. Some other time, it would take you declaring the promises in the Word to yourself to have a desire fulfilled.

So regardless where you fall on the faith caliber, know that as long as you maintain at least a mustard size faith in God, He is pleased with you. If you do believe He is able to do all things, you shall receive whatever you ask in Jesus’ name.

According to your faith, let it (whatever your heart desires) be unto you!

© Josephine Amoako 2019